As I get ready for my morning and make a list in my head what I need to get accomplished today, I decide to read from a Christmas devotional that my mom got me this advent season. I turn the page to December 4th. I haven’t looked at this yet, but as I sit here with the sun shining off the snow and the quietness in my house, I think that I want to spend the next few minutes with God. I haven’t written much about my faith in my blogs. I don’t want this to be a religious post…just another way to look at what our existence here on earth has to offer. Back to the devotional.

“Hope pleads for the right outworking. Belief presumes a right outworking. Faith guarantees a right outworking. Think of is this way: Things might work out favorably with hope. Things could work out favorably with belief. Things will work out favorably with faith. ” (1)

As a coach, I work with the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute and use their curriculum. One of the first lessons taught in both the parenting classes and Higher Purpose Parenting is to recognize we have a lower, middle, and higher self. Three very distinct mindsets that work together as we experience things. We get to choose where we want to come from. Think of that again..we get to choose where we put our energy and our thoughts. We get to choose to reside with hope/our lower self, beliefs/our middle self, or faith/higher self.

Whether you are spiritual or not, you can choose to operate from a place of kindness, connection, love, and appreciation. This is a place of faith or higher self. There is no righteousness, black and white thinking, anger, and resentment. It is choosing empathy and a conversation of understanding. Which is more freeing? Which do you choose?

(1) Unity at Advent 2019. pg 18. Rev. Michael Jamison

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