New Year, New you. How many times do hear that? My news years resolutions have included everything from eating right to exercise to reading more. And I often start the New Year with the right mind set, but by February I slip into old habits. AND THATS OK. This life is a journey and we need to enjoy the ride. This life is for living, grieving, laughing, playing, arguing, learning, exploring, fighting, hugging, and so much more. Experiencing just one of those things isn’t living. We don’t live on a flatlands where the scene doesn’t change. We live on mountains and sometimes we have too struggle up the incline and other times we enjoy a slide down the hill. Both are experiences for us to grow from.

Find the opportunities that come to you in 2020. Stop an think about how you feel at that moment, why you feel that way, and then what you can learn from it. Continue to be you and grow. All I ask is that you are kind as you move forward in actions and words. That is what this world can never have too much of…kindness.

If you are finding yourself struggling to find those joys and opportunities, don’t hesitate to reach out for a chat. All relationships are key to growth. We were not made to be alone, but to be with others and that all starts with the family.

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