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About the coach

I have three beautiful children that live in the UK. After the divorce, I made the difficult decision to move back to the United States near my family of origin for support and healing. On this new path, I was shocked to find that my girls all of a sudden didn’t want to visit. Things were not adding up. There was a lot of anger from both me and the girls that wasn’t getting resolved and so became a barrier where they stopped coming on their parenting time all together. I had moved to be closer to family and to start a life for my children in the United States. My life in the UK was full of conflict and I didn’t see a way out.  Mediation wasn’t working and I was finding myself lost. Loosing who I once was. My girls stopped coming to see me. We had argued before, but this was different as there was no moving forward just breaking off all communication. What was going on?

As a math teacher, I had a burning desire to “solve this problem”. I was directed to the work of Dr. Childress and Foundations and then later was fortunate enough to meet and then work with Dorcy Pruter, founder and CEO of Conscious Co-Parenting Institute. There is always value in our struggles and I found my answers.

My success is my solid bond with my son who navigates from his father’s home in England and my home in the states. He has the tools and freedom to love both parents. I am continuing my vision for healthy solid bonds by working on a visitor center in my county that will bring solutions to foster care families and those is family court. I was a honored to be finalist in the Initiate Fellowship. I am the chosen parent, and I want to help other parents see that they too are the solution to AB-PA and complex family trauma.

The generations

My parents are an inspiration and my son and step son are success stories.

Emily Kreklau

Family Coach

Wife, Mom, Step Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Coach, Teacher, Veteran

Mom and Dad Schuette

Incredible parents and Grandparents

The boys

Solid Bonds

One lives in the UK and One lives 800 miles away, yet they have bonds with both parents and each other. Success!