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Dr. Childress is a psychologist based in California and is providing an opportunity for mental health professionals to receive training, become certified in diagnosing and providing care for children affected by AB-PA. I, along with a team of Conscious Co-Parenting Coaches, promise to help your child return to their authentic self in order for the therapist to continue their work with your family. Please note that this is not reunification therapy. However, I offer a program called the High Road to Reunification that restores the child’s natural desire to bond with both parents. I leave the therapy up to the mental health professionals. But I am asking YOU to ensure that your family can undergo family therapy, which only takes place if the child has a working relationship with both parents. This option is suitable for a healthy family that is separated but can potentially become destabilized, eventually needing professional intervention.

We are seeing more and more children choosing one parent in high conflict divorces. The courts are struggling to process family dynamics and often a family is stuck in court for many years with the child being the one who suffers the most. We need to be a voice for the child who is caught in the middle because children deserve to be loved and to love both parents.

Give me a call to learn more about what I offer and how we can work together to help my clients and yours.

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