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"My coach Emily Kreklau was personal and an excellent coach all around" - Felicity

"Emily has been transformative to my life and getting through this process. She really guided me and pushed me."  - Kevin


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Coaching Parents who are experiencing Attachment Based-Parental Alienation

What is your story, your struggles, your successes?

Caught in a high-conflict divorce?

Can't seem to stop spending money on lawyers and therapists in family court?

Are you alienated from your child?

Is your child always in a bad mood after visiting the other parent?

I will help you build a lasting relationship with your child(ren) whether you have been alienated for many years, or you are just experience AB-PA and want to know how to stop it. I have the solutions you need.

What we offer...

-Certified Conscious Co-parenting Coaching

-Higher Purpose Parenting

-Custody resolution

-Conscious Co-Parenting Course

-High Road Reunification


The Solution...

-Reunification with your beloved child(ren)

-Investing in yourself and your future

-Investing in your families future, stopping the generational destruction.

-Investing in your child's resilience and future relationships

-Staying out of court and keeping costs down.

Our Vision

To support parents and their children suffering from "Parental Alienation" otherwise known as Pathogenic Parenting, a cross-generational coalition that has created an emotional cut-off with your child. Creating a workable environment for everyone in the family so that the children can love and be loved by both parents.

Our Stories can be very similar

It begins with a loving bond between you and your child and ends with complete cutoff. The child becomes more and more distant. The child doesn't consider you a parent anymore and may even call you by your first name. Nothing you do seems to be good enough, it is as if you are all bad and the other parent is all good. In fact, the bond with the other parent seems to have only grown closer. What happened to my little Suzy/Timmy/Kate/Jim? Where is my loving child that would sit on my knee or ask me for advice? What have I done? What can I do?


Can you relate?

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The SOLUTION starts with you!