My Heart

This is a book by Corinna Luyken. I bought it at Costco. I love Costco, one stop shop for me. I wasn’t really in the market to buy a children’s book, but I was drawn to the book section for some reason that day and I had to see what they had in the store. Well, this book spoke right to…my heart. The illustrations are calming, there really isn’t that much said, but what it says and what it shows is POWERFUL.

When the family is struggling, hearts are being broken, hearts are being closed, hearts are being hidden. So this book really explains the journey our hearts take during family conflict. What sealed the deal for me though was the last page. The last little sentence that finishes the ups and downs of the journey of our hearts…”I get to decide”.

BOOM! thats right. I get to decide what bothers me, what makes me cry, what makes me laugh. I get to decide who I let into my heart and who gets to hurt my heart. One of the most important things I have learned and want to teach families is “I get to decide”.

Relationships among our families is one to nurture with love. Hate, resentment, fear…should never reside in a family where there are children that love both parents. Healing the heart if it is broken and then choosing to be kind and loving moving forward; who doesn’t want that? Who doesn’t want unconditional love from their parents?

My heart is always wide wide open for my children…I decided that. Yep…hugs all around…that would feel good and my heart would be singing.

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