Last but not least…the youngest. As blended families go, I have one with so many flavors. I met my second husband in 2012 and we were married 2013 and we had a child in 2015..Yep, she is 4, and I am an old mom. But I wouldn’t change a thing.
I am much better at negotiating with my youngest than I ever was with my others. Only because I had the energy to just do whatever they needed and now I have to pick my battles wisely. If she wants to stay up til ten…well, as long as she is quiet..who am I to argue.
This morning, our negotiating involved cupcakes. Pink Cupcakes. She had a three day weekend with mom and dad and the last thing she wanted to do is go to the sitters (who she absolutely adores, but there really is nothing better than mom and dad). So in order to calmly, and with as few tears as possible, get her pink jumper on and into the car…I promised her we would make cupcakes when she got home. Pink Cupcakes. Its my tool in my back pocket, not only does she get cake, its pink, and she gets mommy time. Its my go to with her as her favorite book right now is Pinkalicous.
Children are a lot of work. They are annoying, demanding, full of energy, and stretch parent’s to their absolute limits. But they are also the purest example of unconditional love and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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