Co-Parenting Coaching

Is this right for you? I offer one on one coaching, 60 minute sessions at a specific rate. Plus special deals when you schedule multiple sessions. Invest in yourself, invest in your children. Fill out the following intake forms. You can also follow the link below and enroll online in Conscious Co-Parenting 10 week course.

Conscious Ways for Families

Alienation set in? Your children come to you with an attitude like they are above you and judge you as a parent? One parent seems to do no wrong and everything you do is wrong!? Then CWFF is right for you. This is a 12 session course to guide you and your family out of the conflict. It will provide tools for communication and empower the parents to support their children to navigate from their home to the other parents home. It is a combination of online training and one on one coaching sessions. sign up here.

Custody Resolution Method

Need solutions to take to your custody hearing? I will provide the Custody Resolution Method which includes Conscious Ways for Families. This program is provided through the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute. CCPI will create a timeline of evidence for your lawyer, complete with script to present in courts. I will assist you on court techniques and how to "show up" for your children both at home and in court. Sign up here and we will get started,