Taking the High Road

Today there was a post from Dr. Childress about the High Road Reunification Workshop that is court ordered and then ran by the Conscious Co-parenting Institute. I am so impressed with this program, not only because I have gone through it myself, but because the data doesn’t like and it WORKS. 4 days people…and your child wants your love again. No more hatred, not more lies, no more miscommunication, no more sides. Just pure unconditional love with the tools to move forward. Who doesn’t want that? FOR ANY FAMILY!

Today I am meeting someone from Human Services in Wadena County about a possible opening of a visitor/parent education center here. What the director liked most about what we do at Solid Bond Family Solutions, is we deal with the trauma. We have a family solution. That not only works with “alienated” families, but with all families struggling. The High Road is the most concentrated and for those cases where “alienation” or pathogenic parenting has taken hold and we need to protect the child from the child abuse. But it requires a court order because the child needs a protective separation for the other parent, the pathogenic parent, the parent causing harm, the parent causing child psychological abuse that has been diagnosed by a Licensed clinical psychologist. But don’t think that every other program offered by CCPI isn’t a branch off High Road protocol to recover your authentic child?

This is good stuff people…really good stuff. Oh my goodness, its refreshing, empowering, and way more cost effective them continual therapy that isn’t working and lawyers that can’t seem to control the other party from making up things, delaying court, and then making it next to impossible to get time with your child.

If you find yourself reading this, and you think it speaks to your situation and frustrations. Reach out…I am more than happy to talk it through with you and work out your next best steps.

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