The importance of picking up a book

There are so many ways to take in information these days. It use to be the only way is to talk about things, or open a book most likely checked out from the library. Now we information share through blogs, facebook, twitter, instagram, magazines, journals, and the library is all online. In fact, we can get a college degree without ever stepping into a classroom if we find courses all online.
So what is in my “library” right now to read or reread as a continue on my venture as a family coach who specializes in families where one parent seems to be calling all the shots while the other parent hasn’t seen their child for what could be years. The courts are involved. Therapists are involved. But there doesn’t seem to be a solution.
I first purchased and read “”Foundations” by Dr. Childress. I didn’t even have to read the whole thing to think…”Is he writing about my life? Does he know me?” From there I did my came across Dorcy Pruter and The Conscious Co-Parenting Institute and two years later…I am a coach.
I have also got on my shelf Essays of Attachment-Based Parental Alienation, The Narcissistic Parent all authored by the great Dr. Childress. And in the next few weeks I am going to try and get though Vol 1-3 Attachment, Separation, Loss all by Bowlby. I have to admit. I have start Vol 1 and it is not an easy page turner like a good novel. But I need to work my way through it to be able to support my clients as they navigate through there own attachment, separation, and loss with their children. It’s the least I can do.
So as I fix up my office space with a little area for a couch and coffee table to sit and enjoy a “good” book, I begin my book journey.

Dr. Childress has provided all the literature required of the mental health professionals to have read in order to work with families dealing with pathogenic parenting and Intimate Partner Abuse.

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